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About Me

A Snails Journey

My photography has evolved over 30 years from film to digital.

After a traditional 4 years apprenticeship straight from college. I soon realised I had a huge hill to climb to fully understand my chosen subject. I started at the bottom with local and national press. Working for  local papers, Daily Record, Scotsman, The Times, FT to name a few, then on to Advertising and PR companies throughout Scotland. I have worked directly for, Scottish Courage, Standard Life, GAP, Channel 4 among others. I branched in to product and fine art photography and in 2003 I was head hunted by Polaroid UK and spent 5 years working as lead photographer on their 20 x 24 project which sent me all over the World. I photographed heads of State in Australia, the BAFTA's in London and numerous Film and TV stars in Europe. I now run a studio in the small Town of Moffat. We offer custom photography and framing services to all.  The funny thing about the tops of hills, the view is always changing.

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